Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark visited LEDIB Cluster House
16. May 2013.

High Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Mr. Mikael Erbs-Jørgensen visited for the first time since the end of the mission cluster LEDIB.

Cluster House was established in 2010 with technical support of the LEDIB program, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The five-year mission of the LEDIB program ended in 2012 and since then Cluster House functioning without donor support. The purpose of the visit was to introduce Mr. Erbs-Jørgensen's with the activities and challenges of the Cluster House in the period January 2013 to the present.

Management of the Cluster House highlighted that Cluster House is slowly but surely entering a period of stable operation, which is based on project management activities and delivery of services for SMEs, business organizations and institutions.

Key activities of the Cluster House in the coming period will be organization of Balkan - Black Sea Clusters Conference “DAYS OF CLUSTERS 2013” in Sofia, support to the project initiative of the Municipality of Vejle, Denmark, "Most-Bridge Balkan - Denmark", participation in the annual TCI conference, cooperation with clusters and Business Incubator Center, development of cross-border cooperation through implementation of cluster training program according to the Cluster House model.

Management of the “Cluster House” emphasized that the most important challenge will be
access to  the available funds in the country and public private dialogue.

Cluster House network of over 2000 business contacts (60% Serbian, 30% Balkan and 10% of the rest of Europe) and defined and recognized business profile of the organization, through dedicated staff and donation from Danish people have contributed that “Cluster House” is now one of the highly respected  business organizations in the country and beyond.

Danish - Serbian “Cluster House” additionally motivated by this important visit will continue even stronger to support local economic development and creation of a better business environment.

HARVARD Kennedy School
13. Feb 2013.

Carsten Lund, M.Sc., President of the Cluster House Assembly, will be attending an executive program at Harvard in the period 10 th to 15 th February 2013

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Cluster House at “Business Base” Trade Fair in Belgrade
13. Dec 2012.

Business Base Fair is meant to be a place for business meetings through which small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs (SMEEs) share information and negotiate forms of future cooperation.

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Forum of Small Businesses of SCC Asking for Enforcement of Law on Chambers of Commerce to Be Postponed
11. Dec 2012.

“Danas” Daily published an article of Professor Aleksandar Gracanac, PhD, SCC SME and Entrepreneurs Coordinator

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