Nisava District Agricultural Advisory Service
17 Mar 10

Nisava District Agricultural Advisory Service is established with the purpose to enhance the economic development in agriculture in Nisava district.

The Advisory Service is independent and impartial. Its activities are created on the basis of the needs and ideas expressed by the agricultural producers and are engaging the best qualified advisors and experts with highest knowledge on modern agricultural production technologies and management.



Nisava District Agricultural Advisory Service consists of the Advisory Association and the Advisory Service Company.

Advisory Association

All agricultural producers in Nisava district are invited to join the Advisory Association as single producer or via their producers’ organization. In this way they will directly influence activities of their own advisory service.

The Advisory Association’s general assembly elects a representative board, which decides the strategy and plan of activities

Advisory Service Company

The Advisory Service Company is established in order to implement the strategies and plan of activities. The Company is owned by the Advisory Association and LEDIB. In the first two years of its operation Company will be supported by LEDIB in economic way and with managerial expertise. The Advisory Service Company works in close cooperation with the representative board of the Association. This assures that all the activities are initiated and controlled by the producers. The Company formulates the practical advisory activities for the most efficient use of the best advisers and experts with the best results for the producer.